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Year: 2007

Client: Teknoholmen AS

Area: 8,000 m2

Location: Bergen, Norway


VilVite is a popular science experience and learning center for technology and science. VilVite has children of all ages as its target group, especially those of school age.
The building is located on Marineholmen in Bergen, and was originally a workshop hall for the shipyard Mjellem & Karlsen AS. It was designed by the architects Anna and Jostein Molden in 1981. It has been completely rebuilt with addition of new decks and auditorium and a new glass extension facing Nygårds park.

The extension facing the park is given a "playful" feel with round shapes and clear colors. This makes the outside appearance of the building in good relation with Vilvite's content and activity that goes on inside the building.

At the same time, a close contact with Nygårdsparken is experienced. The pillars in the extension stand like large tree trunks in dialogue with the trees in the park. The glass opens up, and the light enters the room between bars and stained glass as it does between branches and foliage across the street.

In addition to VilVite science center, the building also houses office and teaching premises.

Total area is about 8000 m2.

Client: Teknoholmen AS

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