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Gullhorgabu tourist cabin 

Year: 2014

Client: Bergen Turlag

Area: 320 m2

Location: Bergsdalen, Samnager kommune, Norway



Bergen Trekking Assosiation’s cabin in Bergsdalen is situated in an adventurous landscape. After the legend from the Viking Age there is a gold treasure hidden in the pond here. The local king of Samnanger was on the run from the king of Voss. They had been in conflict. He would not let the king of Voss get hold of the gold table, and therefore he threw it into the pond.

The new cabins are in a way made to reminisce that story. Colorful windows and doors are a bit like a treasure chest. They sparkle like the treasure in the pond.

​The facility consists of three buildings: Self-catering main cabin on two floors with 24 beds, “Security cabin” with 6 beds and Toilet cabin   (4 seats).

The buildings are positioned in a way that they can be experienced as a cabin yard. Architecturally, the buildings are related to each other and have a holistic touch.

The powerful colors are intentionally used in detail and not on large surfaces. From a distance, the cabins are experienced as traditional trekking cabins with colors and materials that do not stand out from the landscape. As one approaches the cabins, the colors give an unexpected and new dimension to the experience of the place.

Gullhorgabu is situated about 3 hours walk from the road at Småbrekke in Bergsdalen.

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