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Year: 1999 + 2019

Client: Bergen municipality

Location: Bergen, Norway


The project group Next To Nothing AS was a group of collaborating architects, landscape architects and visual artists that was established in connection with the architectural competition for Torgallmenningen, Torget and the pier in Bergen in 1990. The group's winning proposal for the competition won under the motto "Next To Nothing".
We chose this motto because we thought it was important to bring out the qualities in the urban spaces, show differences between different types of urban spaces and convey the connection between the spaces in Bergen city center. In short: clean up a mess, make visible and take care of the best - and beyond that do Next To Nothing.

The group consisted of visual artist Svein Rønning, architect Lars Benum, Arkon AS v / Torstein Skauge, Landskapsarkitektene Kalve & Smedsvig AS and Paal J Kahrs Arkitekter AS.

In a later design of Torgallmenningen, the group collaborated with visual artist Bård Breivik.

NTN has completed the renovation of Torget in Bergen and west part of Torgallmenningen with a new kiosk for Narvesen. The eastern part of Torgallmenningen was completed until 17 May 1999. New arcades with sculptural columns and glass roofs have been built here, a new slate deck on the square, new benches and other "urban space furniture", a pool around the Maritime Monument and a beautiful end of the square with wide, arched stairs to the ground down to the square.

NTN prepared proposals for the preparation of Bryggen, Dreggsallmenning, Finnegårdsgaten and Nedre Vågsallmenning.

The work on Torgallmenningen and Torget was awarded the Statens byggeskikkspris in 2002.

Before Bård Breivik passed away in 2017, he managed to design new columns of highly polished stainless steel for Torgallmenningen. The original granite columns had cracked due to repeated tensioning during transport back and forth to manufacturer in China.

Paal J Kahrs Arkitekter AS is the Responsible Applicant for the replacement of the columns and the architect for the glass roof between the columns and the buildings on Torgallmennigen.

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