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The Cornertheater

Year: 2013

Client: Marineholmen Forskningspark AS

Area: 1,450 m2

Location: Bergen, Norway


The original building is probably one of the first major industrial buildings to be constructed at Marineholmen as part of the shipbuilding industry that was established here in the late 1800s.

Over the years, building went through a number of modifications and changes and was characterized by a long-term lack of maintenance and decay. Despite this, the main shape and facades have retained much of their original, authentic feel with rich elements of original building details.

The building has now been converted into a theater and educational building.

Parts of the original building were taken care of and renovated where possible. New building elements were added both in contrast to and in conjunction with the original architecture.

In the building there was a large workshop / production hall with double floor height. The construction that spans this room and which carries large parts of the attic floor is built as a “mast construction” consisting of wooden beams which are tied up with underlying tie-rods to form truss beams. This room is converted into a theater hall. The building’s architecture, construction and authenticity give it great preservation value.

The heritage authority in Bergen has been consulted throughout the planning process for refurbishment and reuse of the building.

Paal J Kahrs Arkitekter were awarded Bergen Municipality Architecture and Urban Design Award in 2013 for this building.

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