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Fjell Fort

Year: 2005

Client: Stiftinga Fjell Festning

Location: Fjell kommune, Norway

The facility was built by the German occupying power during World War II and belonged to the German Kriegsmarine.

The fortress was built as a defense around the main weapon, three 28.3 cm guns placed in a paneling tower with a maximum range of 37 km. The cannon tower originally came from the battle cruiser “Gneisenau”.

The fortress’s main purpose was to defend the approach to Bergen at the coastline north and south of Sotra.

Underneath the cannon there is a large underground facility with accommodations, infirmary and areas to serve the cannon with ammunition and crew. The cannon was removed in the late 60’s.
The cannon well at Fjell fortress is now set up with stairs from the mountain plant 14 m up through the shaft to the original cannon position.

A new pavilion over the cannon well was inaugurated May 8, 2005.
Øygarden and Sotra Defence Association have led the work to prepare and take care of the fortress facility.

The design of the new building was carried out in close dialogue with the Directorate of Cultural Heritage. The idea behind the project has been to provide a dramatic experience by walking up the stairs in the cannon well. At the top of the cannon position there is a panorama with 360 degree view that shows the gun’s shooting field. The new pavillion is designed as an addition that should not dominate the historic facility. The shape is also inspired by the remaining elements on the plant.

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