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Year: 2005

Client: Vital Eiendom AS

Area: 17,000 m2

Location: Bergen, Norway


The “Galleriet” shopping center in Bergen was established in 1988 by a total renovation of an urban quarter with five neoclassical buildings from 1923 designed by architect Finn Berner. The courtyard between the buildings has become a large common area covered with a glass roof. The total area of the shopping center is about 17,000 m2.

Architects in 1988 were Helén & Kahrs AS in collaboration with Aall Løkeland and Ragde AS. The redesign of the shopping center in 2005 was carried out in collaboration between Fuggibaggi Design AS and Paal J Kahrs Arkitekter AS.

The starting point for a comprehensive refurbishment of the “Galleriet” was to retain its distinctive character with connection to the old apartment buildings. The center should appear brighter with more light and with greater openness than before. Also the logistics should be improved. Bay windows and angles were straightened and shop fronts were given a tight, classic shape. Two large info-walls are clearly visible on each floor, with large numbers from floor to ceiling. In the common area, a new floor has been laid with a striped pattern of black and colored slate. Slate is used as a continuation of both the outdoor area and the old west staircase.

It is required that the ceilings should appear as bright as possible and that surfaces are evenly lit. They are in smooth, unprofiled plates, while the slab edges are clad with steel profiles and painted light. These help to provide simple, straight lines inside the building. The glass railing has a handrail in stained oak. Brown-stained oak is also used together with black corian in the info-walls and repeated in connection with the old western staircase. The store fronts have lined black aluminum frames around the windows as a contrast to white walls. Benches and seats have a simple shape made of black corian.

The use of light is an important part of the Galleriet's identity. The light is made adjustable according to the weather conditions and various activities such as exhibitions, night openings or sales. The eight columns that support the glass ceiling and the galleries are illuminated from below and emphasize the graphic decor.

The decor is a collection of different typography with names of famous people from Bergen, as well as places and some authentic Bergen expressions.

In addition to the redesign of the interior, new entrances were also made in 2007.


The images also show stairs and handrails made for Melvær bookshop in Galleriet.

The moulded head and tail of the “bookworm” are made by Pål Vigeland.

Client: Vital Eiendom AS

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