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Eidfjord Resort

Year: 2019

Client: Eidfjord Resort AS

Location: Garen, Eidfjord kommune

Any kind of intervention in the beautiful landscape of this kind is not a simple task.
Here, a new mountain village will be built from scratch. Adapting to the landscape, the creation of visual language and design has been the main task.

​The buildings in Eidfjord Resort get their distinctive character. They are placed in the landscape so that both the remote effect and how they will be experienced at close quarters are taken into account. It is important to pay attention to local weather conditions regarding sheltered patios, wind and snow conditions. And all the apartments need plenty of sun and views.

​What kind of buildings can we put in such a landscape?

​In the original mountain villages, the barn used to be the largest building. They were often extended in the length and parts of the building might have different types of construction and materials. We can see structures of log building side by side with half-timbered and cladding. Roofs of slate and rusty “corrugated iron”.

The shape and the use of material in the barn building has given us inspiration. It also blends expressions from different times. The combination of old and new.

On the roof there are roof dormers with windows that release light from the north down into the upper apartments. The roof is covered with slate-gray metal plates and wooden panels. The large gently sloping part of the roof facing south-west will have solar panels.

​The interiors will have the cozy “cabin feeling” with solid natural materials and use of warm grayish colors. All apartments will have large windows and sliding doors onto the balcony or terrace. On the balconies there will be glass railings to let as much light as possible into the apartments.

The view to the beautiful landscape will be optimal.

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