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The Crane

Year: 2004

Client: Solheimsviken næringspark

Location: Bergen, Norway

Bergen Mechanical Workshop (BMV) was established in Solheimsviken in 1855. From mid-1860 until 1985, 317 ships were built and delivered from the shipyard. In the 1960s, BMV was Bergen’s largest workplace with more than 1200 employees. The shipyard operations in Solheimsviken were discontinued in 1991. By transforming the area into the business park that can provide far more jobs than there was at the shipyard, GC Rieber, the owner and the developer of the area, have always emphasized the importance of bringing the story from the past further to our time.

The crane serves as a memorial from the older times and was built as a symbol of the shipyard activity that took place in Solheimsviken.

The building consists of a “plinth building” and the crane above which is built according to the drawings from the original cranes in the yard area.

The base of the crane houses the renowned restaurant “Colonialen i Kranen”.

Upstairs is a meeting room made available for casual use by several businesses in the area.

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