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Year: 2020

Client: Private

Location: Bergen, Norway

The villa is located in an established residential area and has magnificent view over Bergen and the fjord that leads to the city. It has two residential units. On the main floor, as per the client’s request, the house is made accessible with all functions spread on one level. This gives the building a slightly larger floor area than in the neighbouring buildings.


Great emphasis has been given to adapting the house’s volume to the surrounding buildings. The building is therefore divided into smaller volumes that correspond with the surrounding buildings. The roof shape is adapted to other rooftops in the area so that there is a clear coherence between those and the new house.

The roof shape is also formed not to obstruct the views from the neighbouring buildings.


Due to the significant height difference across the property, natural stone and concrete walls gradually step down towards the sea, naturally following the landscape.

The ground floor unit and facades to the north and northwest are mainly covered with grey brick walls. In this way, the building is given heavier appearance in areas where it connects to the ground and makes overall design more unified.


Architect Kristian Bjerknes is known for his many beautiful houses in Bergen around 1930-1950’s. He also designed the house that previously stood on this property. 16 of his houses that are worth preserving are located in Eikeviken that is near Hellebakken area where our house is situated.

The front door to the villa is designed as a reference to Bjerkenes’ work – a sort of «Homage à Kristian Bjerknes».

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