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Year: 1992

Client: Bergen Postkontor

Location: Bergen, Norway

The building was designed by architect Nils Holter and was completed in 1956. Renovation of the interior was done using the original building’s design language.  New shapes were added to achieve contrast and dialogue with the existing building. The zig-zag lines from the facade's window strip were carried on in the new ceiling, in the floor pattern and new furniture.

Organic waveforms were added to other parts of the interior as an attempt to create a tension between the shapes, but at the same time to create a unified interior appearance where colors and shapes matched together.

Emphasis was also placed on the experience of walking through and staying in the building. The rooms were divided into zones so that you experience the alternation between different room types. Also, the low ceiling entrances make a contrast with large open space of the hall.

Workplaces were situated under the floating wave-shaped ceiling that resembles a cloud, making this working area more intimate.

A dark "star ceiling" was chosen to bring the interior together – to serve as a background for new shapes and to help accentuate the skylights with the ceiling painting from 1956.

The building has later been converted into a shopping center.

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