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Fyllingsdalen serviced apartments

Year: 1996-2003

Client: Bergen Bolig- og Byfornyelse

Location: Bergen, Norway

Buildings are adjacent to Fyllingsdalen nursing home and house serviced apartments and common features for the district.


Serviced apartments stage I (built in 1996) is a housing block with 24 units on 3 floors that is shaped with respect to the low-rise surroundings. The building is placed in the northern part of the plot and extends over a basement floor to the south. Here are common service functions for the residents in the district. 4th floor is designed as a secluded, with more free shaped volume over the building.


Serviced apartments stage II (2003) is a 6-floor apartment building, where the uppermost floor is slightly secluded. The building houses 25 apartments. The basement floor is shared and used by residents in both buildings. Light horizontal balconies contrast with the heavier volumes of masonry walls.

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