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Year: 2011

Client: Bergen Turlag

Area: 250 m2

Location: Trolltunga in Odda Municipality, Norway

Competition entry proposal for Bergen Trekking Association’s new trekking cabin on the east side of Ringedalsvatnet by the spectacular Trolltunga in Odda municipality.

Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular rock formations in Norway and is placed 1100 meters above the sea level, about 700 meters above Ringedalsvannet. Here you can find fantastic and spectacular views! The trip to the site is long, demanding, and goes high up in the mountains.


The cabin is planned as a self-catering cottage with 26 beds. In addition, a “security cabin” and a toilet house are planned.


The motto of the competition proposal was “Poncho”. The buildings are given a simple main shape where the wooden roofs are pulled over as ponchos adapted to the shapes in the landscape.


Protests from wild reindeer protection groups based on uncertainty about how traffic in the area affects the wild reindeer stock at Hardangevidda, put the project on hold for the time being.

Meanwhile, the influx of tourists to Trolltunga has increased significantly and the idea of self-catering cottage would soon have to be revised.

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