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Lerøy cabin

Year: 2014

Client: Paal J Kahrs

Area: 100 m2

Location: Lerøy, Norway

The simple, orange, cubic volume has large openings and glass panels on all sides in order to connect to the surrounding. To the north and east there are views to the fjords. To the south, the opening faces the forest. To the south, the wood-clad, blue-gray kitchen section and a terrace are covered in the orange volume. There are sunny balconies and terraces on all sides of the cottage and there is always a patio providing shelter from wind and rain.

The main volume is clad with Steni plates in the special color for the cabin. The color is the same as in the Verner Panon chairs in the interior. The plate material in the clean, simple form is chosen in contrast to the roughness of natural stone walls and the painted wood so that the materials contrast and by doing that, emphasize each other.

The orange exterior is supposed to appear as the exterior of a polished “shrine” which is internally clad with “velvet-soft” surfaces as in a jewelry box. The colors and materials used in the interior have been selected in this respect and are stained with colored oak and slate floors, gray-tinted panel walls, a natural stone fireplace, and tinted panel ceilings and painted wood paneling.

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